Static Be Gone!

By John Gee

If you have an issue with static when you touch your pick guard on a strat- or tele-style guitar, get a Bounce dryer sheet, double it, cut it to the shape of the pickguard (under the pickups). Unscrew the pick guard and gently slide it under until it’s hidden from sight. Put the screws back in and your static issues will be gone.

2 comments to Static Be Gone!

  • Bastard Bass

    If you are having a problem with static the first thing to check is that your ground wire is properly attached, and that it hasn’t started to fray at the contact. Second “important” most low-med end guitars have suspect components, wiring. If you look at all of the contact points between the wire and the lug/conection you will see small 1-2mm exposures of bare wire. 99.9% of wireups don’t have these areas heatshrinked or taped and if you were to add them all together linearly, you can have as much as 4-5 inches of exposed lead. these leads touch each other and short/semi short and they also pick up alot of ambient static and frequency interference.

  • John Gee

    For anyone, like myself, who’s been playing “Strat” style guitars for thirty some years, every once in a while you get a brand new guitar and have an issue where when you run your fingers over the pick guard yo get a terrible static noise. The only way to get rid of it is grounding the pick guard or using dryer sheets, like I do.

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