The $4 Tremolo Stopper

By LonePhantom

Got a floating Floyd Rose bridge, and want to be able to switch between dive-only and floating? Sure, there are plenty of devices in the guitar market to achieve this in various ways, but they can get pretty pricey for what they are. I may have found a great cheap solution that you may already see around your home doing something completely different:

That’s right, the humble little barrel bolt, like you might have on a toilet or bathroom door. This little 38mm model is just the right size for the job. Extend the bolt to the “locked” position and sit it in your tremolo spring cavity, just touching the sustain block without pushing it. Line it up parallel to the cavity, and get a drill with a 2 or 3mm drill bit. Drill a slight indentation in one of the screw holes of the barrel bolt, and then screw one of the provided screws into the indentation with the appropriate Phillips-head screwdriver. Keep the barrel-bolt parallel and do the same procedure for the rest of the screw holes. Tighten them all up by hand so they are nice and secure, and there you have it!

With the barrel-bolt in the “locked” position, your tremolo will be dive-only, perfect for drop-D tuning with an EVH D-Tuna, if you have one.

In the “unlocked” position your tremolo will be floating, ready for all those Steve Vai cricket chirps and Dimebag squeals. I have experienced no rattle from the barrel-bolt I installed, and switching between dive-only and floating is a breeze!

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