Big Bite from Small Amps

By Joe Gore

You can sometimes add the perfect edge to a guitar track by running your signal in parallel through your regular amp and a tiny, solid-state practice amp, like one of those toy Marshall stacks. By itself, the toy amps sound thin and harsh (a useful sound at times!). But the idea here is to mix in just a touch of that harsh distortion with your sweeter tube-amp tone. It’s particularly helpful for guitar parts that must compete with aggressive bass and drum tracks.

1 comment to Big Bite from Small Amps

  • Paul

    Yeah! People can get obsessed by the idea of ‘good tone’ (myself included) – by which they usually mean ‘expensive.’ Bt increasingly I’m convinced it not about ‘good,’ it’s about ‘right’ i.e. right for the job in hand. Listening to just about any record that has stood the test of time bears this out, I feel.

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