Try 250K Pots with Humbuckers and P-90s

By Hunter

For rhythm players: Install 250K potentiometers, even in humbucker- and P90-equipped guitars, which usually call for 350K or 500K pots. The treble roll-off makes it such that the full range of the potentiometer is usable, and even with the potentiometer all the way up, the tone is never too shrill or bright.

2 comments to Try 250K Pots with Humbuckers and P-90s

  • Gabriel

    I actually use 1M pots. I use hot passive pickups, and they are usually too dark, so 1M pots open them up.

  • Matt Seniff

    A great tip. Gibson used 300K volume pots on old models that came with P90s. They are sort of hit or miss about this today when they use P90s sometimes 300K and sometimes 500K. But there is no doubt that the lower value pots really make P90s sound their best.

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