Play the Amp

By Tal Morris

With electric guitar I like to always be aware that I don’t really play guitar, I play amp, and the guitar is the controller. Ultimately, I’m making the amp do things and I’m listening to the speaker as my source of feedback to respond to. The amp and the speaker are taking the place of the top of an acoustic guitar. It may seem obvious, but if you consciously shift your awareness in this way, you end up being far more dynamic, musical, and emotional with whatever rig you are using. The trick is to really concentrate on this instead of right hand, left hand, Mixoblizzard, or whatever. Play Amp!

2 comments to Play the Amp

  • Keith

    I agree. The amp is the thing that has the biggest affect on your tone. It feeds your guitar it’s electricity and then takes it back in, so the instrument is really nothing but a “modifier” of sorts for the amp. Lots of people complain about their pickups and their guitars without really bothering to “play the amp.” Lots of money wasted on aftermarket stuff, when all they need to do is use the amp to it’s potential.

  • emoshurchak

    Very good comment. Some amps are more “playable” than others in that they require a lot more tweaking but have tremendous tone potential. I have heard comments that with Boogie amps (I have an older Mark lll), it is almost like learning to play a new instrument!

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