Use a Multimeter

By edison

Get a cheapo test meter (and use it) If you are wiring your own guitar, get a cheapo test meter that can test resistance, capacitance and at the minimum can test continuity of a circuit. If you have properly shielded and grounded your instrument, you should be able to put one probe on the ground of the 1/4″ jack and touch the other probe to your bridge and everywhere else you have shielding/grounding and see a connected circuit with the tester. Likewise, if you test the resistance of your pickup(s) and know that value before wiring, with each connection you solder as you go along, you can retest the resistance of your wiring with that pickup selected and you should see the same value of resistance. (Assuming volume and tone are all the way up at the time.) With these simple bare minimum tests, you can tell if something is going wrong early, before you try to get it all assembled and plug it in to an amp.

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