Managing Your Onstage Volume

By Rat

Always begin your gig with a low volume setting, and never go too loud. How do you know that you’ve gone too loud? Well, if you feel that you’ve won the loudness battle against the bassist and the keyboardist, you’re too loud. During your soundcheck take a long cable and get off the stage, walk where the audience will be, play from there. Your amps are going to be pointing to you and everything will be louder down there than up in the stage. Make the band play at a level that doesn’t drill your eardrums. You might feel a bit uncomfortable when you don’t seem to hear what you’re playing. But believe me, everyone can hear you very well. Try and make a mistake, see their faces! You’ll just have to feel the mix and your fingers. It will only be until you save enough for a JamHub and in-ear monitors, and then you’ll make enough money to hire a sound engineer if your new venues don’t already have one. This applies for venues where there’s no PA, no engineer and no monitors, and all you’ve got is your amps.

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