Thicker Picks (and Floss More Often)

Thicker picks preserve more of your guitar’s tone. Everyone prefers a different ‘amount’ of tone, but a thicker pick will often yield a fuller tone. Before you try to mod your guitar or apply too many effects, play with your guitar’s effects. More effects does not equal a better sound. Think flossing is lame? Flossing can reduce your susceptibility to heart disease and bacterial infection.

1 comment to Thicker Picks (and Floss More Often)

  • Rod C. Venger

    You’re correct about the picks. A thicker pick means louder music with less effort, no doubt, along with more crunch and sharper effects if you’re using them. That makes it equally important to keep softer, more flexible picks on hand as well. There are times and places where you want to be playing harder and getting less…and when turning down the volume on your tube amp is the exact wrong thing to do.

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