OWN Your Music!

By Rod C. Venger

OWN Your Music…and teach yourself how to learn what you need to play. Too many people are afraid to fail. Their bends don’t sound right because they haven’t practiced enough to acquire muscle memory and their ears have not become attuned to the pitch changes. Their barre chords buzz, the riffs are out of time and they can’t sustain a rhythm. Not everyone is born gifted and those of us that were not, have to fail and practice, practice, practice in order to succeed. We have to own our music, dive into the ugliness of new things on occasion…especially for beginners and novices…and just do it! Once you identify what’s wrong, then you concentrate on making it right. Repetition is our friend and is vital to acquiring muscle memory. Obscure, strange chords twist our fingers yet if we set aside the fear of failure and just do it, our fingers fairly quickly learn to find the right frets and strings. Improvisation is also an enhanced method of learning. Breaking out of a box often leads to new ways of thinking and doing things. When it comes to learning guitar, more is better. More knowledge equals more choices in what we can do. Go for it…and own it!

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