Learn by Teaching

By Phil Ockelford

In order to learn, teach. I know my playing has improved since I started teaching. Why? Put simply, you have to be prepared to justify everything you say and do, which in turn makes you question whether or not how you do anything is the very best way it can be done. By having to explain yourself, you end up examining your technique in much more detail than perhaps you may usually, which benefits you as much as your students. I’m not suggesting you have to become a teacher, merely that you ask yourself the sorts of questions a teacher receives; it will make you think, if nothing else.

1 comment to Learn by Teaching

  • So true, so true! I don’t do a whole lot of teaching, but when I had to explain intervals to a friend I came to a much deeper understanding myself. I kinda’ feel guilty about teaching, because I learn more than my student.

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