Choose the Right Pick

By Jack Morris Sherman

Choose the right pick! Not the correct pick but the one that might make you play differently.

Jack Morris Sherman was the original guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He has also recorded with Bob Dylan, George Clinton, and many other artists.

4 comments to Choose the Right Pick

  • Guthrie Hayward

    I prefer lighter picks for acoustic, and mellower songs, and real thick picks for heavier stuff such as progressive metal. The lighter the music, the lighter the pick.

  • Paul

    One of the best layouts I made was to spend £10 or so on the biggest array of different plectrums I could get….I never used 90% of them more than once, but the ones I did/do use gave me a huge amount of tonal variety (and insight into tone production)…

    Freebie : Gravity Picks will send you a free sample if you promise to do an online review somewhere..nice, fat sounding picks and worth a punt. Although I’ve lost mine..

    My fatuous opinon that people can freely ignore if desired: you don’t always need a light pick for funk. If you soften your hand (as opposed to ‘play in a limp-wristed fashion) and use all the available points of articulation, you can easily do that sixteenth-note funk strum.

  • Paul

    Well, Nile Rodgers uses what I would call a light pick. I’ve heard a lot of guys go on about heavier strings/light pick.

    This isn’t a reflection on Nile – I think he’s just about proved his funk credentials by now – but I think it can be symptomatic of the philosophy people can have to find it easier and less challenging to change the gear rather than the person/technique. (Apologies for my crappy syntax.) It’s probably easier, initially, for a light pick to pass through the strings than it is to soften the wrist and use a heavier pick.

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