Dial in Tones Using a Looper

By Eric Eldridge

When you are trying to set your all of your knobs for your pedals or amp, a looper pedal can make your life much easier. Put your looper pedal first in your pedal board, then record a dynamic loop with a soft chord, a louder chord, and single notes with varying volume. This makes it much easier and usually quicker to find a good tone, as you can just set your guitar down while you turn knobs. Another quick idea is to start with the knobs at 12 o clock and dial in from there.

1 comment to Dial in Tones Using a Looper

  • Terry Smith

    Excellent! I do the same thing. Nobody likes the constant bending over with guitar in hand trying to tweak the knobs on the pedals. A great way to play with new pedals too!

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