Play with Others


if you wanna be a well rounded guitarist you should surround yourself with other musicians. you can pick up alittle of their style and bounce ideas off them at the same time.

2 comments to Play with Others

  • Elbert

    I very much agree, I have learned so much from the people I play with. I love the blues and I mainly try to learn more of that but when I can play with someone who likes different music it makes me an all rounded guitarist. By learning different types of music you can start getting the feel for your own music. Good tip, I hope more people will recognize this and vote for ya buddy.

  • Paul

    Yes, I agree – it can absolutely boost your playing. Playing with people better than you can obviously teach you lessons, but being the best guy in a band can do so also. For example: I have improved my sense of time and ability not to be dragged off of a groove out of neccesity, by dint of having been in several situations where the rest of the band had what you might refer to as a very relaxed approached to the pulse…

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