Damping Your Tremolo with Foam

By Dann Valentino

For the guys with tremolos and double locking systems.. If you want to get a pure sound off of a guitar with springs on the back – you MUST quiet the down. When they resonate, especially in loud volume settings, they tend to make squally sounds and catch unwanted feedback. You may not hear them now, but when you make them shut up, you’ll realize the big difference. All you have to do is cut some pieces of foam and stick it between the springs. Not too tight – it will mess up your tuning and tremolo turning position, but not too loose because it won’t work. Put some and try if it’s doing anything by hitting the springs with your nails. If they continue to make the same sound as if without the foam – put a bit more. And check if your tremolo/floyd is returning in tune. It really makes the guitar quieter and purer sounding. Take care!

1 comment to Damping Your Tremolo with Foam

  • Paul

    Good tip….also, some people will put foam inserts inside the spring (e.g. Suhr Guitars) for the same effect, without any possibility of tuning problems…anyone know of a source of this kind of spring as a spare part? Seems a little tricky to do oneself..

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