How I Sound Like Ritchie Blackmore

By Strat11

Running my Strat into an Analogman modified Boss OD pedal w/Frog mod as a clean boost, then into an Analogman Beano Boost. treble booster then into a cranked Marshall. Keep the tone knob on the neck pickup at 5-7. This will give the perfect Ritchie Blackmore tone for almost all of his work.

2 comments to How I Sound Like Ritchie Blackmore

  • Matt Seniff

    I remember reading an interview with Ritchie Blackmore where he talked about his old setup. He had an old tape deck someone converted for him to use for echo, he connected his guitar to the high impedance mic input and the output to his amp input (this gave him a pretty big voltage gain with some mic EQ thrown in). The tape mechanism quit working fairly quickly but he kept using the electronics as a booster/overdrive. He drug that old half dead tape deck around the world for years as a key part of his sound. Eventually some one built him a smaller more transportable unit to replace the tape deck.

  • joe

    Yeah, I totally buy that.

    Several new boutique pedals have run with that idea, packaging the preamp section of Echoplex as a stompbox. There’s a schematic and DIY project (plus PCBS for sale) here:

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