Exceeding Expectations in the Studio

By Lyle Workman

When playing sessions, have multiple tonal options ready to go on the spot. If the client wants a big distorted guitar, have a few ways to achieve that. For example: by playing through an amp cranked up, or by playing through a clean amp and getting all the distortion with pedals. Combining the two techniques can also bring about the best results. On a similar tip, when asked for strummed acoustic, it’s good to have a family of related instruments on hand for doubling – high strung, tenor, 12 string, tipple, mandolin etc.  Overall, when the guitarist exceeds all expectations, and takes what’s asked of him far beyond the call of duty, it provides the happiest customers.

Guitarist Lyle Workman is one of the busiest film composers in Hollywood. He has performed with Beck, Sting, Norah Jones, Todd Rundgren, Frank Black, Tony Williams, and many other artists. 

1 comment to Exceeding Expectations in the Studio

  • Double D

    Thanks Lyle. Your comments to that effect in GP hipped me to that idea years ago. I like to have several disparate musical approaches keyed up (if I have the luxury of the material in advance) so I give the customer some options without endless head-scratching mid session.

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