Managing Your Onstage Volume

By Rat

Always begin your gig with a low volume setting, and never go too loud. How do you know that you’ve gone too loud? Well, if you feel that you’ve won the loudness battle against the bassist and the keyboardist, you’re too loud. During your soundcheck take a long cable and get off the [...]

Avoid the Tab

By Andreas

Learn songs by ear not by tabs.

Think Melodically

By Andreas

Think of a melody in your head when you are improvising solos.

Thickness Matters

By Dave Jone

The thickness of the pick you use is a large component of tone, particularly noticeable on an acoustic guitar. Thicker picks of 2mm and more will produce a darker sound with lots of attack, while thinner picks of less than 2mm will produce a brighter sound with little attack and a more [...]