The REAL Strat Quack


Real strat quack in positions 2 and 4 requires a regular wound middle pickup. No reverse wound, reverse phase middle. It becomes a parallel humbucker w/ a rw/rp middle pickup. Fender started doing this 80′s to cancel some hum, but they consequently lost that classic sound in doing this. Perfect example of 2 [...]

Detune Your Strings and Feel the Soundwaves

By SilviaGold

Tune up or down your guitarstrings some cents! ( e.g. Therefore calibrate your tuner to (eg. 434 Hz = -24 cents) –> If you then play for a while & FEEL the Soundwaves and rest on them –> you definitly will explore NEW Melodies & your Rythmfeel changes. Take YOUR time

Soldering Tip for N00bs

By CohibaChris

Use a pair of compression tweezers to assist soldering in your electronics bay – it steadies the wire until the puddle can cool and you’re able to control the wire from raising up out of the molten puddle.

Detune to Help Learn Bends

By Rod C. Venger

If you’re having trouble learning bends, detune the string(s) you’re working with, down a half step, or a whole if needed. As you bend a string you’ll be bending it up into tune. Until muscle memory takes over, listen for the string to come into tune, which is easier than listening [...]

Music Comes Before Theory

By Mike Alan

Music theory didn’t exist before music, so that good music could then be made! Theory came about as a result of existing music that moved people & someone’s need to answer why certain choices may be more appealing to the majority. Don’t wait to earn a PhD, start creating ASAP … &, [...]

Vary the Licks You Learn

By Paulo

When you learn a new lick, play the notes in a variety of different ways: slow, fast, staccato, legato, change the time signature, change the rhythm, change the key, bend on different notes, swap a hammer-on for a slide, invert it. A lot of what you play will sound terrible but you’ll limber [...]

Learn by Teaching

By Phil Ockelford

In order to learn, teach. I know my playing has improved since I started teaching. Why? Put simply, you have to be prepared to justify everything you say and do, which in turn makes you question whether or not how you do anything is the very best way it can be done. [...]

Tuning Tip for Guitars with Trems

By Morogan

When tuning a guitar with a tremolo bar for the first time after re-stringing, I find that the following technique takes more time up front, but is better than finding out after you went through all 6 strings that the first 5 are all badly out of tune again. Tune the 6th string, [...]

Avoid Feedback with Foam

By Dave C

Placing a piece of foam/sponge behind pick ups helps reduce vibration in pups that can lead to unwanted feedback, especially at higher volumes.