Play to the TV

By burley

I’m a hardcore blues player but I always have a guitar in my hands when I watch tv and try to play along to whatever is on..cartoons, NCIS, movies Glee (eeoohh), etc. And it has really helped me develop my ear and scale knowledge

Upgrade Your Mains Cable

By Paul

Upgrade the IEC mains cable for your amplifier to a hifi grade one eg Kimber. Result is usually a smoothing and increase in tone.

Don’t Forget Your Basic Guitar + Amp Setup

By Carlos

In your quest for the ultimate tone, when you have a big chain of effects,eqs, compressors,etc. to mold your tone, remember getting back to the basic guitar to amp setup. You could be surprised of how good it can sound!

Go for the “Badness!”

By Posmaster

Money spent does not equal mojo gained – embracing “badness” is cheaper and often more inspiring.

String-Bends are Like Hills . . .

By Phil Ockelford

When attempting/practising/emulating string bends, I like to visualise the whole thing as the profile of a hill (stick with me here). The lefthand base at the bottom of the ‘peak’ represents your starting point; the upward slope is the upward bend; the ‘peak’ is your target note, and its height is determined by [...]

Turn Your Amp Around

By Phil Ockelford

Turn your amp the wrong way around; better still, point it at a wall/reflective surface. Why? Firstly, no-one is now in it’s direct line of fire, so they won’t get their face peeled off as you thunder away. This has the added bonus that you can now turn it up louder than you [...]

Control Fuzz with Your Tone Control

By ArtieToo

The more distortion/fuzz you use, the more you roll back your tone control. Let the distortion’s harmonics be the high end. You’ll get a creamier/smoother, less brittle/ice-picky sound.

Easy Way to Remove a Tele Output Jack

By Litos

If you’ve ever had to reinstall a Tele’s output jack, you know it’s a major pain. There’s no room to push it from inside the control cavity, and you also have to keep the washer in place. Well, I came across a nifty tip to do this pretty quickly: get an old string [...]

Play What YOU Like

By ArtieToo

I suppose its a stretch to call it a “secret”, since its a Steven Spielberg quote, but its my favorite quote. He said, “I make the kind of movies that I want to watch.” How profound. Ergo, play the kind of music you want to play, rather than what you think “they” want [...]


By Litos

No more icepick from your Tele, and a HUGE sound on a Strat. Haven’t tried it on any other guitars, but they work wonders on Fenders. Also, get some of John Pearse’s phosphor bronze strings and wood saddles on your acoustic to make it sound like you paid twice what you did for [...]