Altoids Box Pick Case

By kenstee

My new favorite pick cases are the small “Altoids smalls” metal boxes. Great size for fitting quite a few picks – and your breath smells great too in the process of emptying it for use as a pick container! A lot of times they’re right next to the cash register. If you want [...]

Playing Reverse Delays

By petey twofinger

when using a reverse echo , it is most effective to set the wet dry mix at 100 percent wet , no straight sound . the secret is to play ahead of the beat within the set delay time . first tweak the echo time to the tempo , then play ahead [...]

Dial in Tones Using a Looper

By Eric Eldridge

When you are trying to set your all of your knobs for your pedals or amp, a looper pedal can make your life much easier. Put your looper pedal first in your pedal board, then record a dynamic loop with a soft chord, a louder chord, and single notes with varying volume. [...]

New Life for Old Picks

By Eric Eldridge

If your guitar picks get too dull, you can rub them on carpet floor to sharpen them up. Some carpet may be too long, but I’ve found that fairly short carpet works great to soup up an old, dull pick.

Capacitor in Series with a Single-Coil Pickup

By jay

I have been recently playing around with this and i am very impressed by the difference something so simple can do. Solder a small value cap in series with a single coil and you get a tone that sounds a bit like the second or fourth position in a strat. Another great use [...]

Record Yourself

By Peter Teipe

Whether you are practicing, jamming, or performing record yourself often. Listening to these recordings will improve your playing abillities.

Go From Thick to Thin

By Nanotexts

When practicing go from your guitar or bass with the thickest strings to the one with the thinnest strings.

Always Tune UP!

By Jimmie D.

Always tune UP to a note. My own experience reminds me of making adjustments to a metal lathe. On a lathe there is always a bit of play in the in the adjustments and it’s called backlash. Here’s a pretty good definition off the net – backlash The relative movement of interlocked [...]

Lower Tuning for Bigger Bends

By giza

I wanted to record a wild-a## 80s-style solo with wide finger vibrato, minor-third bends, etc. But I didn’t want to change to a thinner string set. Answer: I tuned the whole guitar down three half-steps, and wailed away. Easy bending on those floppy strings. Stupidly simple!

Make Your Own Patch Cables

By Steven

For the DIY’er…. I just finished assembling my own patch cables today!! The tone is amazing! I upgraded to elixir instrument cables. The Music store had ‘em on sale for half price, and one day I even got em two 10 footers for $25. Anywway, I noticed a massive difference in my tone [...]