Adjust Your Axe

By Sully

Remember that the changes in seasonal temperature and humidity, your guitar will change with. Its a good idea to adjust the intonation, truss rod, string action, etc regularly to ensure your guitars are sounding their best

How Dimebag Did It

By Sully

From Dimebag Darrell himself, Dime would raise his pickups as close to the strings as he could before the strings would hit them when he dumped the bar. after he got the height he wanted he would place tape on the sides of the plastic rings around the pickups to prevent the strings [...]

Put a Hair Band On It

By Gerardo Andrade

To reduce string noise in the studio, put a hair band on the end of your neck.

Find Your Wah’s Sweet Spot — and Leave It There

By James Healey

hook up to a wah find a sweet spot and leave it there. This works with most wah’s but I used mostly a cry baby. You’ll find more than one sweet spot without too much trouble. I like it because it increases sustain but still has of a lot tonal character. Long [...]

Split Your Signal Pre-Overdrive

When recording overdriven guitar or using an overdrive pedal, split the guitar signal before the overdrive. This second clean signal can be mixed in with the overdrive to balance the overdrive. This allows a little more clarity and add a nice attack as well.

Hybrid Buckers

hybrid bucker..1 coil from higain pup @8k 1 coil from paf style@4k=good dirt and quick cleanup withvolknob.this is the duncan recipe for evh and custom/custom pup if i recall correctly

Shield with Aluminum Foil

By Anonyymi

For more clear signal, shield your guitars cavity with aluminium foil. This helps you to get rid of most of the hum and buzz.

Consider the Guitar When Choosing Pickups

By Dave

Pickups should not be selected without considering the makeup of the guitar. From the woods to the scale to the hardware, all play their own part in determining the tone of the instrument.

Raise Your Pickups

By Luke Duke

Many people feel that in order to get a “hotter” sound they need a high output pickup. The truth is that raising your pickups will add a large amount of girth to your tone, additionally it increase the output due to the closer proximity to the strings. This along with a small [...]

Tune from the Middle Strings Out

By Steven

Tune your instrument starting with 3rd string,4th,2nd,5th,1st,6th so that the tension is distributed from the center outward rather than left to right or right to left. Which requires longer fine tuning…