Make Your Overdubs FEEL Like Live Tracks

By edison

When recording a part solo, play like the band and crowd are there. If you find yourself laying a track on your own, just before laying the track, get someone to play drums or set up some loudspeakers to rehearse the part against the other elements of the band at the volume levels [...]

Use Your Phone Cam!

By edison

Use a camera for recall Every phone is a camera these days. When recording, once I’ve got the sound I want, I’ll take photos of the guitar controls, the amp settings, the mic position – both from the side to see distance from cab and from behind the mic to see it’s orientation [...]

Avoid the Tab

By Andreas

Learn songs by ear not by tabs.

Think Melodically

By Andreas

Think of a melody in your head when you are improvising solos.

OWN Your Music!

By Rod C. Venger

OWN Your Music…and teach yourself how to learn what you need to play. Too many people are afraid to fail. Their bends don’t sound right because they haven’t practiced enough to acquire muscle memory and their ears have not become attuned to the pitch changes. Their barre chords buzz, the riffs [...]

Fingers, Passion & Volume

By joschi

My first secret are my fingers…you know sound is feeling, passion. The second secret is to play like there is no tomorrow – don´t be shy…play like you’re born with a guitar in your hand… don’t think to much, let it happen. my third and most important secret is the volume. there is [...]

Simple Songs are Good Too

By Silas Stokes

Just because a song modulates, borrows chords and changes time signature doesnt make it a good song.

Don’t Recycle Electronics — Reuse Them!

By Chuckles

Well my family recently bought a new tv and replaced our old one, an old tube powered fossil. Since I am curious I figured I’d pop it open to take a look inside. Boy did I find some good stuff…Because the tv was so old everything wasn’t all condensed and tidy so I [...]

Custom Build Your Cabinets

By Six

Custom build cabinets with 6 and 8 inch speakers. Using these cabs, I didn’t have to worry about a hi pass filter or guitars crossing over into the bass side of the mix. I built 4 of them. An open back 15w 1×6, a closed back 2×6, a closed back 4×6 and a [...]

Detune Your Strings and Feel the Soundwaves

By SilviaGold

Tune up or down your guitarstrings some cents! ( e.g. Therefore calibrate your tuner to (eg. 434 Hz = -24 cents) –> If you then play for a while & FEEL the Soundwaves and rest on them –> you definitly will explore NEW Melodies & your Rythmfeel changes. Take YOUR time