Add a Resistor for Clarity

By Lespaul20155

Want to cut treble but not let the low end/mid range become more present like modern wiring allows? Put a resistor inline with your capacitor for softer, less muddy tone!

Make Your Overdubs FEEL Like Live Tracks

By edison

When recording a part solo, play like the band and crowd are there. If you find yourself laying a track on your own, just before laying the track, get someone to play drums or set up some loudspeakers to rehearse the part against the other elements of the band at the volume levels [...]

Use Your Phone Cam!

By edison

Use a camera for recall Every phone is a camera these days. When recording, once I’ve got the sound I want, I’ll take photos of the guitar controls, the amp settings, the mic position – both from the side to see distance from cab and from behind the mic to see it’s orientation [...]

Use Cheap Copper Shielding

By edison

“Name brand” copper shielding tape sold for guitars can run $10-30 for a mere 2 feet of tape. But if you go to your local hardware store, for $10 you can get 10-20 feet of copper tape (intended for repelling garden snails) which will do the same job just fine.

Use a Multimeter

By edison

Get a cheapo test meter (and use it) If you are wiring your own guitar, get a cheapo test meter that can test resistance, capacitance and at the minimum can test continuity of a circuit. If you have properly shielded and grounded your instrument, you should be able to put one probe on [...]

Avoid the Tab

By Andreas

Learn songs by ear not by tabs.

Fingers, Passion & Volume

By joschi

My first secret are my fingers…you know sound is feeling, passion. The second secret is to play like there is no tomorrow – don´t be shy…play like you’re born with a guitar in your hand… don’t think to much, let it happen. my third and most important secret is the volume. there is [...]

Don’t Recycle Electronics — Reuse Them!

By Chuckles

Well my family recently bought a new tv and replaced our old one, an old tube powered fossil. Since I am curious I figured I’d pop it open to take a look inside. Boy did I find some good stuff…Because the tv was so old everything wasn’t all condensed and tidy so I [...]

Changing Pickup Magnets

By Mac

Changing magnet(s) in a pickup will change the tone the drastically. Which transforms the overall sound for better (or worse). For vintage pickups, when A2 is too warm and A5 is too bright and ceramic is too hot, there are myriads of other magnets available out there, including A3, A4, A8 and Un-oriented [...]

Mold Your Mids with Caps and Inductors

Mike R.

Connecting a cap and inductor in series gives you a mid cut (like a Varitone). Connecting them in parallel cuts highs and lows, leaving a mid peak. You’ll need to dick around with the values to find what works best for you.