Make Your Overdubs FEEL Like Live Tracks

By edison

When recording a part solo, play like the band and crowd are there. If you find yourself laying a track on your own, just before laying the track, get someone to play drums or set up some loudspeakers to rehearse the part against the other elements of the band at the volume levels [...]

Record Yourself

By Peter Teipe

Whether you are practicing, jamming, or performing record yourself often. Listening to these recordings will improve your playing abillities.

Use an Acoustic Guitar as a Resonator

By Benj

I really shouldn’t be letting this one out of the bag, but a neat arranging trick for filling up a sparse track with some excitement is to tune a guitar to an open tuning and use a capo to get it’s open notes in the key of the song. Place the open tuned [...]

Put a Hair Band On It

By Gerardo Andrade

To reduce string noise in the studio, put a hair band on the end of your neck.

Split Your Signal Pre-Overdrive

When recording overdriven guitar or using an overdrive pedal, split the guitar signal before the overdrive. This second clean signal can be mixed in with the overdrive to balance the overdrive. This allows a little more clarity and add a nice attack as well.

One More Take!

By Nick

After recording with any instrument or voice, once you finally feel you have the perfect take, break for 2 minutes and keep tracking. The psychology behind feeling as though there is no pressure can unleash some incredible performances. This is a good technique to encourage as a producer as well.

Add a Little Gain to Clean Sounds

By Nick

When wanting a great clean sound in the studio, I love sneaking in the slightest hint of gain because it comes through and adds so much emotional power when an artist begins playing dynamically. This technique rather than being absolutely clean gives my tracks a lot of character and brings me a lot [...]

Better Acoustic Pickup Balance

By Dan

If your acoustic pickup is unbalanced just place some adhesive auto pin strip tape under the pickup, sticky side down. This will act like a gasket between you pickup and the bridge, works every time.

Mike an Open-Tuned Acoustic

By BrianKendall

Tune an acoustic guitar to the songs key ( eg OPEN G ) lie the acoustic on the floor and mic it. Then record your cranked electric guitar track and mix in a little of the resonating acoustic. Instant boner.

Laying It Down in the Digital Age

By Jim Lim Project

The next piece of gear you need is an interface for your instrument and optionally for a quality microphone. When you are able to record onto computer a world of possibilities open themselves to you. Thousands of stop box effects are free on the web, making the cost of the interface [...]