Use a Multimeter

By edison

Get a cheapo test meter (and use it) If you are wiring your own guitar, get a cheapo test meter that can test resistance, capacitance and at the minimum can test continuity of a circuit. If you have properly shielded and grounded your instrument, you should be able to put one probe on [...]

Restring for Strength!

By Bobidge

Replace your second thinnest string (B) with a thicker one, and tune it to B but an octave lower than normal. Don’t be afraid to “Double Up” on guitar effects and use two of the same, works especially well with two delay pedals. Be careful with the amount of distortion if you double [...]

Thickness Matters

By Dave Jone

The thickness of the pick you use is a large component of tone, particularly noticeable on an acoustic guitar. Thicker picks of 2mm and more will produce a darker sound with lots of attack, while thinner picks of less than 2mm will produce a brighter sound with little attack and a more [...]

Thicker Picks (and Floss More Often)

Thicker picks preserve more of your guitar’s tone. Everyone prefers a different ‘amount’ of tone, but a thicker pick will often yield a fuller tone. Before you try to mod your guitar or apply too many effects, play with your guitar’s effects. More effects does not equal a better sound. Think flossing is lame? Flossing [...]

Use Many Kinds of Picks

By Grigori

If you use picks, use MANY different kinds.


By Litos

No more icepick from your Tele, and a HUGE sound on a Strat. Haven’t tried it on any other guitars, but they work wonders on Fenders. Also, get some of John Pearse’s phosphor bronze strings and wood saddles on your acoustic to make it sound like you paid twice what you did for [...]

Stop Strat String Breakage with Insulation

 By  G. Anthony Harvey

A piece of insulation removed from a wire and slipped over the high E string helps prevent premature breakage from tremolo use on my ’92 American Standard Strat. The insulation should contact the ball end of the string and be long enough to pass through the hole in the top of [...]

Boil Your Strings

By anonymous

I boil my strings to stretch them before I restring.

Eternal Life for Tortex Picks

By Matt Thompson

Here’s a little trick from my younger days as a highly-impoverished young guitarist. For many years I used Dunlop Tortex picks for two reasons: One, I liked the control I could get from the heavy 1.14mm-thick (purple) picks. Two (and most importantly), I found that I could easily re-sharpen them and get [...]

Altoids Box Pick Case

By kenstee

My new favorite pick cases are the small “Altoids smalls” metal boxes. Great size for fitting quite a few picks – and your breath smells great too in the process of emptying it for use as a pick container! A lot of times they’re right next to the cash register. If you want [...]