Use Cheap Copper Shielding

By edison

“Name brand” copper shielding tape sold for guitars can run $10-30 for a mere 2 feet of tape. But if you go to your local hardware store, for $10 you can get 10-20 feet of copper tape (intended for repelling garden snails) which will do the same job just fine.

Detune Your Strings and Feel the Soundwaves

By SilviaGold

Tune up or down your guitarstrings some cents! ( e.g. Therefore calibrate your tuner to (eg. 434 Hz = -24 cents) –> If you then play for a while & FEEL the Soundwaves and rest on them –> you definitly will explore NEW Melodies & your Rythmfeel changes. Take YOUR time

Soldering Tip for N00bs

By CohibaChris

Use a pair of compression tweezers to assist soldering in your electronics bay – it steadies the wire until the puddle can cool and you’re able to control the wire from raising up out of the molten puddle.

Tuning Tip for Guitars with Trems

By Morogan

When tuning a guitar with a tremolo bar for the first time after re-stringing, I find that the following technique takes more time up front, but is better than finding out after you went through all 6 strings that the first 5 are all badly out of tune again. Tune the 6th string, [...]

Avoid Feedback with Foam

By Dave C

Placing a piece of foam/sponge behind pick ups helps reduce vibration in pups that can lead to unwanted feedback, especially at higher volumes.

Easy Way to Remove a Tele Output Jack

By Litos

If you’ve ever had to reinstall a Tele’s output jack, you know it’s a major pain. There’s no room to push it from inside the control cavity, and you also have to keep the washer in place. Well, I came across a nifty tip to do this pretty quickly: get an old string [...]

Slide Guitar in a Sec!

By Orestis

So you wanna play slide guitar but you dont wanna ruin your guitar setup by raising the action?Put a pack of Rizla smoke papers underneath the first fret and you are done!


Stop Strat String Breakage with Insulation

 By  G. Anthony Harvey

A piece of insulation removed from a wire and slipped over the high E string helps prevent premature breakage from tremolo use on my ’92 American Standard Strat. The insulation should contact the ball end of the string and be long enough to pass through the hole in the top of [...]

Dial in Tones Using a Looper

By Eric Eldridge

When you are trying to set your all of your knobs for your pedals or amp, a looper pedal can make your life much easier. Put your looper pedal first in your pedal board, then record a dynamic loop with a soft chord, a louder chord, and single notes with varying volume. [...]

Try a Vintage Lap Steel Tone Circuit

By John B.

This probably isn’t much of a secret, but here goes. Many lap steels from the 40′s and 50′s used a combination of a 1 Meg pot and a 0.1 pf capacitor for their tone circuit. This combination allows the player to achieve the “boo-wah” effect heard on so many recordings (say “boo-wah” [...]