Altoids Box Pick Case

By kenstee

My new favorite pick cases are the small “Altoids smalls” metal boxes. Great size for fitting quite a few picks – and your breath smells great too in the process of emptying it for use as a pick container! A lot of times they’re right next to the cash register. If you want [...]

Make Your Own Patch Cables

By Steven

For the DIY’er…. I just finished assembling my own patch cables today!! The tone is amazing! I upgraded to elixir instrument cables. The Music store had ‘em on sale for half price, and one day I even got em two 10 footers for $25. Anywway, I noticed a massive difference in my tone [...]

How Dewd Does It

By Dewd

SD pickups of course! I also wire all of my guitars for master tone and volume, use OIP or orange drop caps, solid core wiring when required, 60/40 lead solder, CTSD pots. I sometimes fiddle with cap values or pots i.e. 250 volume 500k tone for p90′s. That and my Fargen Miniplex II [...]

Grolsch Straplocks

By anon

Urban straplocks: Grolsh Beer, Grab 2, take the rubber gaskets, fit them over the strap pins and voila!

Bounce on the Pickguard

By 6stringer

After exhaustive testing and research (anti-static coatings, shielded, and grounded pickguards, it turns out the at the best way to eliminate static from a pick guard is by simply rubbing a clothes dryer anti static sheet like “Bounce” on the pickguard surface. I keep one in each gig bag. It lasts for several months. [...]

Don’t Pass Up “Cheap” Guitars

By AiXeLsyD13

Don’t pass up “cheap” or goofy guitars. You can really do a lot to an axe if it’s a solid piece of wood and the neck is OK. Places like Guitar Fetish and AllParts can provide all kinds of ways to pump up your sound/look/feel on a budget. Everyone one and their mother has [...]

Put a Hair Band On It

By Gerardo Andrade

To reduce string noise in the studio, put a hair band on the end of your neck.

Metal Thumbpick + Brass Fingerpicks

By Anonymous

When I fingerpick, I use a metal thumbpick, and 2 of the thinnest brass fingerpicks I can find (.013), so they can be easily formed to stay on. BUT if I’m looking for a more mellow sound while wearing them, I’ll start using my bare ring and pinky fingers instead of my index [...]

Tremolo = Distortion?

By Anonymous

My favorite source of distortion is a tremolo pedal. I have a Modtone Tremor tremolo pedal, and a Danelectro power source that allows you to change the voltage from 3-9 volts. The lower you go, the quieter the output. Pretty boring, right? But when you go all the way down to 3 volts, [...]

Compressors and Noise Gates

By Bux

Use a good compressor pedal! For years I never understood why I should use one.. Now I will not play without one.. Also compressors are a noisy little box when you have a few pedals, Noise gates take away from your tone. Use a volume pedal and decrease volume when not playing.. It’s [...]