Don’t Forget Your Basic Guitar + Amp Setup

By Carlos

In your quest for the ultimate tone, when you have a big chain of effects,eqs, compressors,etc. to mold your tone, remember getting back to the basic guitar to amp setup. You could be surprised of how good it can sound!

Control Fuzz with Your Tone Control

By ArtieToo

The more distortion/fuzz you use, the more you roll back your tone control. Let the distortion’s harmonics be the high end. You’ll get a creamier/smoother, less brittle/ice-picky sound.

Momentary Footswitch with Digital Delay

By Jonathan

I like using a momentary foot switch with a digital delay to toggle the delay off and on at will. It is important to note that the delay hopefully supports allowing the repeats to decay even after the delay is switched off. This effect coupled with a tap tempo or midi clock sync [...]

Playing Reverse Delays

By petey twofinger

when using a reverse echo , it is most effective to set the wet dry mix at 100 percent wet , no straight sound . the secret is to play ahead of the beat within the set delay time . first tweak the echo time to the tempo , then play ahead [...]

Dial in Tones Using a Looper

By Eric Eldridge

When you are trying to set your all of your knobs for your pedals or amp, a looper pedal can make your life much easier. Put your looper pedal first in your pedal board, then record a dynamic loop with a soft chord, a louder chord, and single notes with varying volume. [...]

How Dewd Does It

By Dewd

SD pickups of course! I also wire all of my guitars for master tone and volume, use OIP or orange drop caps, solid core wiring when required, 60/40 lead solder, CTSD pots. I sometimes fiddle with cap values or pots i.e. 250 volume 500k tone for p90′s. That and my Fargen Miniplex II [...]

Don’t Fear the Reverb

By Rod C.Venger

Don’t be afraid of your reverb! While most people use reverb merely to thicken a note or to accomodate the dimensions or makeup of a playing space, adding body to the music, reverb is also an excellent tool all by itself. I especially find this to be true when I feel I’m [...]

Volume Pedal in the Amp’s Effect Loop


Volume pedal in the loop (after effects): allows you to crank the amp’s preamp for gain and tone while maintaining a lower volume at home. On the gig, allows you to clean up gain by turning down guitar vol. knob while raising amp vol. with the pedal.

Add an EQ to Your Effect Loop

By Nick F

Add an EQ to your effect loop, what a difference that will make with your amp. It like lifting an blanket off your speakers. In the effects loop the EQ will dramatically change the base tone of your amp and as an added bonus most EQ’s have a level adjust, which can [...]

“Tune” Your Volume and Wah Pedals

By Toadman

I “tune” my volume & wah pedals with inexpensive adhesive gasketing material from home stores. I can use thicker or thinner pieces to control how far the pedal opens or closes.